The 2018 Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour

A two-day self-guided journey through 45 of the region’s most beautiful and inspiring private and public landscapes.

About the Garden Tour

The gardens on this tour contain at least 50% native plants. Each garden is a labor of love, a place created in harmony with southern California’s climate, soil, natural vegetation and native wildlife. The gardens are divided into two groups: one open Saturday and the other open Sunday. At each location, you’ll meet garden owners, designers and docents. Use the descriptions and icons on this site to plan your personalized excursion, choosing 4-7 gardens to visit each day at a leisurely pace.
The Foundation is indebted to the participants for opening their wonderful gardens to the public, and to our volunteer docents for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. We are immensely grateful for the support of our sponsors—including local businesses, agencies and organizations.

Garden Tour Etiquette

Show this tour guide to gain entry to each garden
Stay on marked walkways and paths, respect property and gardens
Do not damage plants or take cuttings
No pets allowed
No smoking
Children are welcome; they must be supervised at all times
Visit only on open days and during tour hours
When parking, please be sensitive to garden neighbors

How to Attend

All tour tickets cover both days of the tour. Tickets for the 2018 tour will be available in Fall of 2017.

Sponsor the Garden Tour

Sponsorships from local agencies, businesses, and organizations make this annual outreach event possible. If you are interested in tour sponsorship, contact Tour Coordinator, Margaret Oakley Otto, [email protected], (310) 717-7380.

Photography Policy

Photos are for personal use only; any photos used for web or media must be credited to the 2018 Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour.

Become a Docent

Docents help the Garden Tour play a vital role in the success of the tour. They are ambassadors on behalf of the Theodore Payne Foundation, and provide an interpretive element for garden visitors. Docents welcome tour attendees, validate tickets, and talk about the beauty, practicality and environmental benefits of gardening with California natives.

Attendance of one docent training and some knowledge of native plants are required. Docents are welcome to visit the gardens on the other day for free, receive a free garden tour t-shirt (a collector’s item!) and are invited to the garden host and docent thank-you party after the tour.

To become a Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour Docent, or for more details, contact Andrew Chaves at [email protected]. Thank you!

Apply to have your garden on the tour

Is your garden planted at least 50% California native and in Los Angeles County? Apply to be on the 2019 Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour.

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About the Theodore Payne Foundation For Wild Flowers & Native Plants

The Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants, a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1960, re-wilds Southern California by bringing native plants back into our cities, creating habitat that supports local ecosystems, and helping people embrace our shared natural heritage. Learn more about the Foundation and gardening with native plants at

Design Your Own Native Garden

Inspired by the tour?
Attend Theodore Payne Foundation’s Three-Part Native Garden Design Course, taught by professional landscape designers, many of whom are featured on the tour. Classes are offered year round. Learn more and sign up here..

Contact the Tour Coordinator

If you have feedback about the tour, or are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Margaret Oakley Otto, the Tour Coordinator at: [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

Contact the Web Developer

If you have feedback, suggestions, or experience issues using this website, please email the Web Developer, Philip Oakley Otto at [email protected]. He would love to hear from you!

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