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26-New Horizon School Pasadena Peace Garden



New Horizon School Pasadena
Peace Garden

Sunday April 16 | 10am - 5PM

School Garden

Design: La Loma Development Company

Installation: New Image Landscaping

Care: Levi Brewster

Garden Size: 16,000 sq. ft.

Started: 2016

The vision for the New Horizon Peace Garden, established in 2016, grew out of a desire for a space that enriches student learning, inspires nature appreciation and environmental stewardship, and serves as a place to sow seeds of peace and understanding through community building.

Notable Plants
Rose Mallow

Common Rush (Juncus patens)
California Wildrose (Rosa californica)
Broadleaf Cattail (Typha latifolia)
Common Reed Grass (Phragmites australis ssp. americanus)
Rose Mallow (Hibiscus lasiocarpos var. occidentalis)